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So this is NG now? okay. Well... lets adapt and overcome. AFTYRLYFE still in it. RIP- KOA

Rymix says...

I've been hitting music on and off for the last 3 years or so. Recently though, I've been in my mode and really tapping into it. Ive listend to our tracks we submitted a while ago and read all the comments. Wow.. the love we had from everyone was amazing, but I understand why people overshadow their talent with their lives. Unavoidable really.... but hey, we need to keep evolving and growing. You can stop for years and still re-light that fire later down the road if you still have the hunger to do so. So I do, ha... recently I've been re-releasing old stuff with videos. Kind of like having some closure to it all, so I can move forward with some new stuff that im working on. So below this ramble is a list of videos for music alot of you (who have followed us) have listened to or downloaded in the past; followed by a list of songs coming to a speaker near you. So keep enjoying the old and expect some new. KOA (Kiss our asses) was a formidable contender in it's day here on newgrounds, saddly died out soon after DJ-Delinquent was banned, but we'll always remember the good times and awesome artists/producers it had in its ranks. R.I.P. KOA, but I will say... music is immortal... so it'll never be gone.

Lastly, I would like to extend some much love and respect to everyone still doing their daily grind in life that still manage to pop a track or instrumental out when they can. This goes to everyone... the wait is over... we are back.

(8/16/2014) UPDATE

New tracks out! check them out below, highlighted. Rate Review Luv Hate!



Tracks from the past with videos:

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Tracks to look forward to:

  • The Protege
  • Glorious
  • Mug This
  • Still an Addict
  • Lymit Breaking
  • Nite Nite This
  • HIN Again
  • Line Up
  • AGT "Everything I Am"
  • AGT 2 "Tell me what you see"
  • Now We're Leaning
  • Time Is Against Me
  • Tomorrows Hope
  • Most Wanted - High Stakes
  • Its My Hustle
  • Ride
  • The Aftyr Story
  • Modern Warfare
  • The resistance


Well... there ya have it. NEW shit on tha way. We just need to extingusih some old flames. We appretiate the honest feedback and support from everyone. Review/Rate/Luv/Hate... Its all the same.

Get at us on our Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/AftyrLyfe <--- AFTYRLYFE


We will add to the (video list) as we create more, so keep up on this post from time to time and see a new video.


AftyrLyfe's Rants:

Noticed that NG has whored the shit outta itself with advertisements and pop-ups... no wonder it cant hold talent these days... everyone who really gives a shit leaves, with the exception of a small minority of true artists/producers. Sure some notable artists/producers still post here, but only because few of us still believe Gold can trump Trash, saddly most have stopped posting. any how... as we drop more music, we need you to stay up with us and support.


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