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Two Minds, Two Voices, Two Styles, One way of life...AftyrLyfe.... Ryder, and Rymix Bring a new sound to Hip-Hop with Originality Focused to the Fans and the Music with their own Lyrics combined to bring you a sound you've never heard.

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RemixF2D's News

Posted by RemixF2D - July 30th, 2009

Aight... Well...
Lots has been goin on.
"NightLyfe" Was a bust... -___- sad to say... i was hoping for that one to come through.
The Group has been kinda in a rough spot.
I have been under the radar working on my own album. "A Rymix'd Progression"
its coming out pretty good actually.
Couple Great producers here in NG's are assisting in the making of it thx to their great music.
The album release date will be Christmas. ^__^. I may post some of the albums tracks up just to put a tease to the listeners. =P But not all of them. It will be a great X-mas gift for NG's community. ^__^

As far as AftyrLyfe goes?
- well we are still keepin it alive (for the most part) and will continue droppin Tracks for NG and its people.
The Fight to get out there n make a name for ourselves gets harder everyday, but we cant let minor obstacles get in the way...
- Our first Album is Named " F2D " (Fresh 2 Death) 14 tracks, Ending with our Colab withDJ-delinquent "Revelation"
Not all 14 tracks are posted here, And im not too worried about it... I just want to move on to bigger n better things.
IT was a good album to work on... Long n strenuous, but we made it. Now its time to advance.

Ryder has been Putting together a Separate group from AftyrLyfe that is based up with all of our freinds n collabs we have into one big Mix tape. The Mix tape is also in the works and its is named after the Group. -----R.Y.D.-----(Restless Youth Division)

AftyrLyfe Will be performing here in our local area. That'll give us more exposure locally. 5th and 6th of Sept. So!!! Stay tuned for some pics. and blogs about how that went. ;)

That about does it for now. =) Ok then! Stay up on the Music. and More instore for you all here on NG.


This is a drawing one of my friends did for me by request. =) Yes... that Rymix as a dog.. ^___^
I look ballin. =)

Sudden Turn in the road. 0.o

Posted by RemixF2D - July 5th, 2009

Aight. check it out.
I have a personal song named
__________ ______
"Remember" Beat By:Zajed
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /188614
And im probly gonna drop that one next. I'll buy 3 hrs studio time and im gonna drop another with it.
Ive been practicing it non-stop so i can get it in and out. and move to the next project in the same session. The second song. is going to be
"NightLife" Beat by: outphase78 (First Club song)
http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /167459

SO! look out for these very soon. ;)
but i might not Post them up..... -____- i dunno yet... I want to post a bunch up all at once...
but i love to get feedback asap. lol.... I dunno. I'll let u kno.
These are tracks for the 2nd album "The Comeback", and i just didnt want to throw one up every other week. u kno? give a lil teasein time to the listeners... make em want it more. ^__^ kinda like Eminem, he's already finished another CD but it is'nt released till fall..
Stay up!
Ill keep u updated on AftyrLyfe


Workin hard. Networkin

Posted by RemixF2D - June 20th, 2009

"Revelation" #15! on the "Best Tracks Ever" list.
Props to DJ-Delinquent ^___^ heres his page! check him out (http://dj-delinquent.newgrounds.com/)
Thanks DJ-Delinquent and everyone for contributing to it making it there. That was a group accomplishment achieved and one weve always wanted..... and its Only gonna get better.
PEace!!! ;)

F2D is now.... AftyrLyfe
f2d is no more. ;) Welcome to the new life...... the AftyrLyfe!

{KOA}! We are glad to be apart of somthing great, Lol...
with great members aswell....So!!!! ANY! who wanna step to the KMA! jus kno....
AftyrLyfe is down with the KOA (wow... two many abbreviations...) So if u tryin to jump...you betta jump high... ;) Les make the sickest, ill'est Music on NG....
This is AftyrLyfe
Tracks on tha way,
Not in this order.................
SONGS ..............................BEAT PRODUCERS
It's Lust ----------------------------- Aera-Dynamic
Watch Us ------------------------------ outphase78
NG Genre TakeOver ---------------- Zekuence
Night-Life ------------------------------outphase 78
Undefined ----------------------------- Zekuence
Bring You To Life ------------------- Unorthodoxbeats
I Wanna Be -----------------------------MattBlade
Gettin ---------------------------------- WyteNoiz
Champions ----------------------------Greeksta
When We Rollin ------------------------Nc321
Righteous Path-------------------------DJ-Delinq uent
Goin Slow ------------------------------Unorthod oxbeats
Tha Drunk ------------------------------NuclearS trike
Tha Drunk Prt.2 -----------------------NuclearStrike
Rap Wars -------------------------------WyteNoi z
Soliders Les Roll
Crew Song ----------------------------Cajete
Tricky Bitch ----------------------------No-SideBoy
Final Battle
Jammin ---------------------------------JP-Su perfresh

So Those who actually read this....
Vote on the next track we do... and we will drop the one with most votes...
Just comment this blog with the song name u'd like us to drop ((((((from the list above))))). Aight then!

~Rymix n Ryder w/[KOA]

(((((((((((Special Note))))))))))))
The "Songs" Above are the names we've chosen for the track....Most are not the original beat name.
R.I.P. MJ..... Safe journey....
(((Pic)))--- This is what its all about.... (for the fans)

(KOA)Hot hits! Check us out this weekend. Studio time once again! ;) "NightLife" is comin on tha map....

Posted by RemixF2D - June 14th, 2009

Ey ey! Wow... "Revelation" is fire.... thanx everyone for the luv you show to it....
Level are a bit low. but we gonna go back to the studio and fix that issue. =)
DJ-Deliquent! is the magic maker here, with that beat. most def carrys the hell outa us.
check his stuff out here,
Thx man for the hot colab!
is on the come up!
The pic is for the "Revelation" song. =)

Whew! New Track is fire!

Posted by RemixF2D - May 29th, 2009

The biggest car show in the states yes.... HIN! is back and they asked for us to perform for them filling a 30min stage slot. Wooot! this is gonna be live!!! if you in the area come check it out.
go to hotimportnights.com
and go to the next show... june 6th PA!
C u there!!!! ;) Reppin NG! PEace!!!


Posted by RemixF2D - May 13th, 2009

Ey! we are lookin for a club banger beat.... nice quick tempo but not too fast... and a great sound ladies can bounce with a lyric reasonable flow... any one up for the challenge? or do u already have somthin? well let us kno! ;) it needa atleast 2 verses an a decent hook time.. ;) cool? aight... if you dont know if u'd want to produce a beat for us. just check out our music n let that be our portfolio tellin u if we are good enough, or if its your style. Aight then... let us kno... this is gonna be a great project to be on. so, multiple producers are even better. . . Aight then PEace!!!


Posted by RemixF2D - May 9th, 2009

Thx everyone for repin us to tha max.
Got some new tracks up check em out.

Posted by RemixF2D - March 24th, 2009

A heart beat of thousands. The original beat (ID: 215704). Those two guys make some insane stuff. check them out.
Thank you guys for helping send that level of inspiration to anyone who listen.
We would love to get on another beat by you.
Keep it real Be easy!


Posted by RemixF2D - November 12th, 2008

ey ey! nothing big here just lettin every kno that we really appretiate the luv n rep u all bring for us...
weve got stand tall down as a rough draft, n posted final decisons up, with more to come... soon we are gonna do the song we picked up from cajete "no more faith" (thx for that one bro)
and also we are gonna get up with Joey keys n Zajed bout some more songs to do... Also!! Flashmac
I have been personally working on writing to one of his beats for a song ive named "My Resume" wow... that shit is gonna be hot... wait up for that one... but n e wayz ima catch u later, gotta go to real life for now n work my job... but hopefully somone will hear the talent we want to bring to Hip-Hop n finally do what we want to do... make music to the whole world. aight then... ima check u later.. PEace!


Posted by RemixF2D - October 9th, 2008

Aight check it... ME n Ryder have been doing this for bout 2 years n some change... and we've never had the love we get like the love from NG, Our song "Most Wanted" hit #1 on the Modern hip-hop spots n held it for a day... Now thats not much but in the big scheme of things... out of 12k+ songs gettting submited that real dam good. =) Basicly we saying thx to all of u... not too many reviews on our work but hey what we got is good enough for me. ^__^ Thx again. all of u who feel it... Come Dec, we are performing for our 3rd time for HIN (hotimportnights) biggest car show in the states, and we doing it in Miami so... (if) we do get heard... by somone big, well im glad to kno NG was one of our underground spots. =) hey im just shooting out in left feild n hopefully its gonna be a homerun. Aight then... Im out.. keep making good music... o yea... hey cajete! n Zajed... n joey... If we do get big... best belive we making you our offical beat men. lol... PEace