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Sooo! Dec 2010... the year comes to a close...

Posted by RemixF2D - September 22nd, 2010

OK! So the years closes...
and it was a pretty damn quiet one if i have to say... =( not alot of music put up...
Good news to post though "Killa" is labeled best song of 2010 from us and! it has hit the "Best Tracks Ever". Much love for everyone who contributed to it making the list.
Last year "Who Knows?" was the best from us and also hit the list too.
Sorry it has been a dry year from us.
Just so much going on with Life. feel me? i think that has been the case for alot of artists and producers/DJ's. Lots going on. That Does not mean we forgot our Fans on NG! NOPE! haha hell no!
we are always checking the site, for new artists,and leaving reviews.
make way for 2011. We promise it will be the year of music. ^__^
Again Thank you to everyone who supports our sound.
You have no idea about the insane music we are gonna release in 2011...
its going to be epic.
Stay up with us.
Keep showin the love.
and we will keep showin our.
with music submissions. ;)
Rep it hard!
Real Music Lasts Forever.
Stand up for HHM
Merry Xmas.
oh... and we do have 1 more track to release before the new year...
the track to finish 2010... =)


Aight then.
Stay up! Review our shit! Give it 5's! and download.
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And!!! Like us, become fans! of our FACEBOOK. Just Type AftyrLyfe in the searc bar and it'll be the first one you see with our logo. ;) Thx for the luv.
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+Passion (1st track ever dropped) 2006___Artist-Rymix, and Ryder
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+Who Knows?
Heres our official Logo.

~Rymix (AftyrLyfe) [KOA]

Sooo! Dec 2010... the year comes to a close...

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KOA coming by showing some love.

Stay up.

Wut up GAS!
thx for tha luv.