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Time for a Come-Back...

Posted by RemixF2D - April 3rd, 2012

Its been tooooooo Fkin Long....
right? tell me... WTF? is going on with the HHM AP? I go on it and see (first of all) a new Look to NG. but what bugs me the most... is i see Incredible garbage on the top spots consistently. where did the talent go??? Where did all the DJs/Producers/Artists go??? Cajete, Delinquent, T-free, Caine, Zajed, KDM, srihc7000, CKC, VTZ, GAS, and the list goes on! Wtf?! where did the juggernauts go? they ran this site and had Quality stuff pumping out constantly. Now you have scumbags claiming they're running it now? The only reason they're able to talk is because everyone worth something dispersed and vanished. Now Let me say there is new emerged talent, and i have seen a few. so my hats off to you. Me and Ryder left a while back because life happened. though I never truly left. i would still come back to the portal from time to time and see what was going on. The Portal has been empty too long. It's Time for a Come-back. Keep your eyes on this page within the next month. AftyrLyfe is back. [KOA] Still Lives.

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Time for a Come-Back...

Comments (3)

Can't wait for that (:

ITs coming bro. No worries.
Im going to fill this portal with the music it deserves. Good quality Good meaning. Epic Sounds.


Looking forward to the comeback! Keep me in the loop when ya drop new material!

Most def Nadi. And we needa get on a collab. your Ownin the Portal with your tracks fam. haha. keep makin em.


One of the reasons I moved to youtube...these guys were my inspiration, I am where I am because of these great producers, all helped me along the way especially Musty, T-Free and Caine.

I hear ya bro. but at the same time. you dont get the same luv anywhere else like you do here on NG. and if we all attack it together then we can own this damn site. forever. feel me? the big guys will come back. we just need to keep it alive for their return. and since Delinquent has moved on aswell. Untill he comes back I appointed myself Acting Head for [KOA]. I know he'll come back. just a matter of time. Stay up with me. I have several of your beats ready to be dropped with my lyrics real soon.
You should think about coming back to. Keep up.