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Rymix Makes a Move...

Posted by RemixF2D - July 18th, 2012

Ok... *breath*
Lots have been going on. Rymix has made a decision to do something incredible. (no... not start ballet) Lmao...
He has already signed up to be a new Contestant for the next season of the show "Americas Got Talent" his act? well... duh... he is going to Rap, and have a stage show set up for the performance.
I know... pretty insane... So! whats missing? well... to all the Producers/Dj's out their in the HHM portal. Rymix is looking to use an incredible beat to lay his lyrics to for the Auditions in OCT. not much time left.
If your interested to help Rymix in this Journey, a Partnership will be in place, Full credit will be given to who makes the beat that gets chosen, and a shout to the maker/producer/DJ of the beat on National Television will be done by Rymix "If" he makes it.
Here's a chance to get some serious Exposure for your work. Rymix has the Lyrics, and already has a few beats he is looking at, but he hasn't chosen yet. If your in (further details will be shot at you if your beat is selected) and of course a shout for NewGrounds.com for being the site it came from. Everyone wins here. Once again...this is National Television, and only if Rymix makes it through the Pre-Audtions. So lets get all the support he needs to make this epic. Cities for the next season have not been selected yet so there's still time. Ok... lets get to the type of beat requested.
Epic.... Epic..... Epic.....
IF these judges hearts don't twitch from the lyrics/beat this will be over as soon as it starts.
so think, Orchestral, Symphonic, Epic Drops, Strong, Choir, the "Wow" factor
here's the catch. the audition is allotted only a time of 90sec. sooooo for you genius's out there...
that's (1 minute 30sec) of performance time.
Rymix's lyrics are going to be set up to this type of structure....---> (Chorus, 1 Verse, Chorus)
well... that about does it.
If your in, PM ASAP. to go over details or any questions you have.
I know... this is insane. but so real...


Rymix Makes a Move...

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Im pretty sure there's no more time left right? Lol