Still here people. Still here

2013-07-21 10:15:35 by RemixF2D

Rymix'd Progression is here [KOA]


The"Rymix'd Progression"Album (R)Artist:RymixCompleted TracksRememberAbandonedKOAStep it upTrappedBring You To LifeWho Knows?---------Best Tracks Ever List>>>PRELUDE<<<---------NEW!!>>>What chu gonna do?<<<---------NEW!!>>>Never Enough!<<<---------NEW!! <> <> <> The "F2D" Album. (F2D)Artist:AftyrLyfe (Rymix & Ryder)Tracks 1. F2D 2. Passion 3. HIN 4. Follow My Lead 5. Drift Nights 6. Stand Tall 7. Lookin Up 8. Heartbeat Of Thousands 9. The Funeral 10. HIN Deuce 11. Most Wanted 12. Final Decisions 13. Consequences 14. Revelation--------Best Tracks Ever List <> <> <> The R.Y.D. MIXTAPE. (R.Y.D.) 1.Killa (Artist:Ryder) 2.Duel Of Fates____________________NEW! (Artists:Rymix, JBM, CW, Coke, Ryder) 3.Best I Ever Had "Remix"______________NEW! (Artist:Ryder) <> Hope u Enjoyed it All =) Thx for listening <>DAbbled a little bit in making some beats... check it out:Ode to legends________Rymix BEATZFirst steps_______Rymix BEATZ <> <>"Keep It Fire, To Burn The Bugs Off"~~Rymix -"No Music Is For Everyone, All Music Is For Someone"~~Ryder <> <> <>!!!!!!!!!!!!!Help us reach 1000 likes! on FB!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >>>>>>>..........CLICK HERE for AFTYRLYFE's FACEBOOK ........... <<<<<<<



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2013-12-12 03:56:02

False. KOA is simply dead without DJ-Delinquent. Sorry boys but he was a Newgrounds legend.

remember me by the way? its been too long! just checkin to see if you guys were still around or not.